Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whose fault is it??????

Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh...why must go around and complaint?????? It's your job what!!!!! You 're only wasting your time by complaining to your "team".. stupid!!!!!!

yeaaah..I am very angry now with this one person. Can you imagine, i try to talk nicely to him about work. I was aking for his favour to treat that matter urgently but in return, he raised his voice in front of the other colleagues and saying that we should have inform him earlier if we want the thing to be done right away. I should have scolded him back for being so rude but instead of doing that, i politely interupted him and told him that we also dont want things like this to was actually a last minute thing and we were requested by the boss to treat it who are we to decide which things come first..We just got the memo. Then i told him to stop talking and quickly go the Chairman's house to get his signature. I guessed he still not satisfy so he went to his team's place and start to complain everything. I was so mad because i thought he already went to our Chairman's house ( he's our office boy anyway and that is his job), but the other colleague told me that he was still in front of his team's desk and still complaining about me. You see, he has wasted 15 mins by talking and talking and compaining.
I quickly went to see him again but luckily he was not there anymore or else I would really scold him that time.

Anyhow, as I'm writing this down, i can feel that my anger has slowly gone. This is what I like about blogging. We are able to pour everything out and by doing like this you will feel more relieve as if your burden has been lifted out..

so, that's it for today.. i feel so much better now..Tq for reading. Till then, do take care..