Monday, January 30, 2012

Health Screening...

Today went for health screening at SMC and the process supposed to take only 2-hr time but dragged to about 4 hrs..fuh!! byk btl org ni ari..we were there since 8am and haven't eaten anything since 10pm last nite. paling lmbt time tggu tu scanning coz there's only one scanning machine available. I was informed that there are 2 machine previously but the other machine has been sold to Govt.

I remember when I first did my health Screening at SMC back in 2009, the place was still clean and not so crowded. The well being suite also spacious and comfortable. but after the Govt took over half of the building, there are so many changes to the building. sama juga time tu Hospital Likas kena take over by Govt. But good news is, SMC is going to have its new building soon.. hopefuly tida kena bili lgla tu building baru dia..bukan apa ba, I think it's not a good idea to combine govt and private hospital in one building. teda space ba utk equipment so mo attend org pun lambatla. In my opinion, Govt should have its own building lagi and kasi tambah lagi equipments to cater jumlah patients yg semakin ramai. Drpd buat tu bantuan rakyat (yg i think not fair coz yg tidak layakpun buli dapat), bagus lg invest in purchasing more hosp.equipments like scanning machine,dialysis machine..etc. what say you?

Apapun, happy tuesday to u all..n hope i can blog more this year..*finger crossed* :)

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